Slots Payouts

A Brief Informative Study on Slots Payout Percentages

Slots Payout Percentages is best described as the overall percentage that a player gets from the slot machine over the life of the machine. Programmed into the machines’ computer chips, these figures are set by the manufacturers as per the stipulations made by the casino to use for that machine. Normally, this may range between 79 and 99 percent.

A Common Myth About Slots Payout Percentages

Many players who do not have much information about the Slots Payout Percentages believe that the chances of making a big win on a slots machine with 95 percent are higher than that on the machine with 93 percent. This means that they tend to think that the higher the slots payout percentages are, the more will be their winning amount. However, this is not an absolute truth. Since, slots payout percentages are actually the amount of profit that a casino anticipates to earn in the long run. Normally, an average player may never be able to play to the limit where he might get a chance to see the overall return. And hence, do not ever think that just because you’ve chosen slot machine that has a payback of 99% you can win back $98 or $100 on playing throughout the machine.

There are incidences which have shown that when played with $100 on a slot machine with a 94 percent payback, a player managed to win over $5,000 and then lost out completely, when started playing on a machine with a 99 percent return. Hence, such examples clearly state that there is no unique way or technique known to actually find out the overall return of a machine if one plays on that for few hours, days, months or even years. Only the casinos may have some insights about the slots payout percentages since they have an access to check the long term payback through the coin meters in the machines.

How Casinos May Gauge Slots Payout Percentages

Every slot machine comes with a meter that is designed to maintain the record of every coin dropped in and every coin paid out. In case of modern coinless machines that receive bills instead of coin, these meters count the “credits” played throughout the machine. Hence the mechanism for both is same. On receiving a hand paid jackpot, the meter gets to record on the pay voucher which is eventually used to draw out the cash from the money cage. To simplify the process and make it error-free, all casinos have stared using automated computerized systems to track and keep record of such information from the machines and store it finally into a central database. Now this is from where they can look into the machines and calculate the slots payout percentages for a specific period of time. However, the information retrieved is never disclosed to the player and is considered highly private and confidential.

Playing on a slot machine with the highest payback percentage is often recommended only because it consumes less of your bankroll. It does not increase your chances of winning big amounts and only assures you more number of spins.

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