Skrill Casinos

Skrill (Moneybookers) or e-wallet service was initiated way back in 2002. But now, it has more than 10 million account owners which is a landmark for it. Several casino lovers worldwide have a preference for this payment option as it facilitates the customer with a mailing address to deposit and withdraw funds in real time. Moneybookers Casinos are certified under European Union and United Kingdom law and controlled by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) of UK. Moneybookers allow the customers to have a free account from where cash in their current accounts can be transferred online by way of credit cards or fund telegrams.

Trouble-free Procedure

Opening a Moneybookers account is very easy and is not at all time consuming as it is conducted through its helpful website. After logging on to its home page, the casino player has to select the ‘getting started’ option on that page and fill up a casual e-form giving information regarding email address and other personal details. Here, the customer gets an opportunity to select his desired currency and language options. Once the Moneybookers account of the customer is opened, he can simply pick it as his payment method on the casino’s website. The Moneybookers account has various benefits over the other payment options like low transfer costs, real time payment, email system, access to online shopping alternatives, selection of desired currency and the security of transactions with FSA controlled establishments which functions under stringent guidelines. Many Moneybookers Casinos accept the payment through this safe and quick payment option, simplifying the payment process for the gamer.

Charges and Services

The Moneybookers account holders can operate their funds by using Visa, Solo, Master Card Maestro, Switch and Diners. All the dealings are on the spot and are charged with processing fees at the most competitive rates in the whole industry that is only 1%. The withdrawal charges are also levied on every withdrawal made by the holder. These are as follows – in case of bank transfers flat €1.80, cheque payments €3.50 and debit/credit cards (Visa only) €1.80. Money Bookers casinos are extremely safe and secure. That is why the customer can send, deposit and withdraw funds without any fear.

Restrictions and Accepted Currencies

The maximum limit for putting in funds in the online casinos for a fresh customer is of $1,000 per month and $600 by way of credit card. Although, this limit can be upgraded in the Money Bookers account. This will occur on the presentation identity documents. Moneybookers casinos accept over 50 currencies worldwide.

Withdrawal Limits

The funds can be withdrawn from Moneybookers account via Bank accounts, Credit Cards or Cheques. There is no minimum limit of withdrawals. But the account holder must ensure adequate balance in the account to cover up the redemption fees.

Moneybookers casinos is a complete solution for all the online casino gaming requirements. For online casinos and gambling rooms Moneybookers provides speedy service in a suitable manner that offers one financial solution to all the needs. Though a Moneybookers account does not only benefit its holder for poker rooms and casinos but also for auctions, online shopping and business opportunities. Moneybookers casinos have all traits- they are systematic, secure and maintain the highest standards of quality.

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